Plant Pest-Proof, Perennial Bloodroot in Your Garden

Reader Contribution by Barry Glick and Sunshine Farm And Gardens
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Yes, the commonly used name for our beloved, early spring, native wildflower Sanguinaria canadensis is “bloodroot.” This makes perfect sense, as a break in the surface of the plant, especially the roots, reveals a reddish, bloodlike sap. Bloodroot was once used as a dye and as an herbal remedy by early Native Americans. Sanguinaria canadensis is native to every state in the U.S. and to every Canadian province east of the Rockies. Consequently, it’s considered hardy down to Zone 3.

Planting Bloodroot

And what an easy plant it is to grow! Bloodroot is best planted in average, well-drained soils in part to full shade. It will also do fine with some sun, and seems to grow just as well in drier soils.

The large, multiple, pure-white blooms atop 6-inch to 12-inch plants will grace your garden in early Spring and, after a couple of years, you’ll have a colony of self-sown seedlings around a plant that has grown into a very substantial, attractive clump.

The genus Sanguinaria is a member of the Papaveraceae (Poppy) family and is a close relative of plants in the genera Macleaya, Papaver, Meconopsis, Stylophorum, Chelidonium etc.

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Pest-Proof and Perfect for Companion Planting

By the way, Sanguinaria canadensis is 100 percent deer-proof, rabbit-proof, squirrel-proof, mole-proof, vole-proof, chipmunk-proof, well … nothing seems to bother it. There’s a whole host of companion plants that Bloodroot is right at home with, such as Arisaema, Jeffersonia, Uvularia, Hellebores, Hepatica’s, Ferns and, well, just use your imagination.

I’ve been building a good stock of these super-easy to grow plants to share with you and now is the perfect time to plant them to ensure that the roots have plenty of time to develop before winter.

What you receive when you order bloodroot are 5-to-7-year-old bareroot rhizomes that have flowered for the last 2 years. They’re ready to plant for a spectacular bloom next Spring. The rhizomes arrive wrapped in moistened, long-fibered, un-milled sphagnum moss. This biodegradable material is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and a very useful material to recycle. To order from Sunshine Farm and Gardens, just fill out the order form.

I welcome you to come visit the gardens here and see thousands of “Bloodroot” and Gazillions of other plants, including 6 acres of “Lenten Roses” in full bloom this coming spring or anytime that you’d like, just call or email me first to make sure that I’ll be here to show you around.

By the way, many thanks to my friend Peggy Cornett for the bloodroot image, hers was so much better than mine.

If you have any questions, would like to chat about bloodroot or any other plant that Barry is offering, send an email to his personal email address. Barry’s entire “Speakers Portfolio” is now on line, so, if you’re looking for a dynamic, entertaining, educating speaker for your Master Gardener Group, Garden Club, Civic Organization etc, you can peruse it here.

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