Onion Planting and Cooking Tips

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These onion planting and cooking tips will help when working with fresh onions from the garden.

David Cavagnaro shares helpful onion planting and cooking tips.

Onion Planting and Cooking Tips

Heirloom onion grower David Cavagnaro says a few small bulblets from walking onions or other autumn alliums easily can be potted up and kept on a windowsill for a steady supply of tender green onion tops in winter, Most of the multipliers grow better indoors than chives during the cold months of the year.

To make peeling small onions and shallots easier, some restaurant chefs cut off one tip, drop the bulb into hot oil briefly, drain and cool it, and squeeze out the softened insides. Baking the bulbs like garlic, says Cavagnaro, probably would work well, too.

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