No-Heat Habanero Peppers

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Illustration By Fotolia/Mfdoom
A new, mild habenaro, just in time for spring planting.

Last year, we grew ‘Zavory’ habanero peppers. They were advertised as being a mild pepper with all the flavor of a standard habanero.

Well, they were a big success. The plants were prolific, and the peppers were a beautiful bright red, looking exactly like their super-hot sisters. Three plants gave me enough to chop and freeze, and I’m not out of them yet. The flavor is really good and seems to actually improve with freezing! They somehow have the flavor of “hot” without the heat.

We are definitely growing them again, and probably doubling the number of plants so that I can dehydrate some.

Barbara Mundorff 
North Royalton, Ohio 

From TheCook’s Garden: “Habanero peppers have a distinctive taste, but are the hottest chile peppers in the worldup to 300,000 units on the Scoville scale. This prevents many people from ever enjoying thembut not anymore. ‘Zavory’ is the first-ever habanero with a mild heat registering only 100 Scoville units!MOTHER EARTH NEWS