A Gardening Infographic: DIY Pest Control

Reader Contribution by Hannah Kincaid and Infographic Mike Bonds
article image

We were excited to see that our articles Guide to Organic Pest Control (August/September 2008) and The Best Plants to Attract Beneficial Insects and Bees were included as sources for this fantastic pest control infographic by Mike Bonds. Mike’s easy-to-read gardening infographic starts with an ID guide to help you identify bad garden bugs, such as cabbage worms and squash beetles. He then neatly displays a number of organic pest control options, including how to introduce beneficial insects, plant companion plants, install row covers and use diatomaceous earth.

Mike has graciously allowed us to post his fantastic gardening infographic online, and we hope you’re able to use it throughout the gardening season as a convenient reference. Happy gardening!

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