Try the Quick-Cut Greens Harvester

A handy farming tool called the Quick-Cut Greens Harvester will allow market gardeners to harvest greens in a fraction of the time they’d spend harvesting by hand.

| June/July 2015

Greens Harvester

This handy tool called the Quick-Cut Greens Harvester “mows” delicate greens, drastically cutting harvest time.

Photo by Farmer's Friend LLC

Market gardeners, take note: A remarkable new tool called the Quick-Cut Greens Harvester will take a huge whack out of your harvesting time. The Harvester, designed by and available from a company called Farmer’s Friend in Williamsport, Tenn., uses a spinning, flexible brush to push greens across a cutting blade and then capture them in a large basket. Powered by a rechargeable drill, the $559 unit can cut all kinds of greens many times faster than someone cutting by hand.

You really need to see the video to appreciate this new tool. Together with hoop houses, this harvester could allow every community in the country to more easily enjoy a wide selection of super-fresh, locally grown, lighter-footprint organic salad greens year-round!

5/16/2015 11:07:44 PM

$560, you can keep it. It's ridiculous the price that is put on an item like this. I cut my greens with a small $35 electric hedge trimmer and pick it up with a $10 plastic manure fork (that is only used in the garden). No way I'd spend that much money on this gadget, it probably cost 20 bucks to make in China!!

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