Are There Any Pesticides Out There That Are 100-percent Organic?

Reader Contribution by Staff

I am a 14-year-old and I love to garden! Are there any pesticides out there that are 100-percent organic?

Zack LeRoy
Portage, Michigan

As you know, organic gardeners’ first line of defense against pests is good planning and careful observation.  Sometimes, though, that isn’t enough and more aggressive action is needed. Fortunately, there are a lot of 100-percent organic solutions available to organic gardeners and farmers.  There are more and more garden companies that offer these solutions.  Here are two that I know and like:

Fedco Organic Supply Company

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Best of luck for a pest-free season.

PS: I’m psyched that you’re into gardening. I first started messing around in my parents’ garden when I was about your age. Keep it up!

Roger Doiron, contributing editor

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