Stop Kitten Biting, What to Feed a Pregnant Cat, Why Your Dog is Scooting, and More Answers from a Vet

A vet answers readers' questions about helping a kitten stop biting, canine nutrition, why dogs scoot, what to feed a pregnant pet, and housetraining a puppy.

| October/November 1992

Now that we are approaching the time when autumn slides into winter, your pets are most likely entering their most comfortable time of year. Parasites are dormant, the temperatures are pleasant for furry creatures, and the air is crisp and cold. Dogs love to root in the dirt for new and interesting scents. Cats enjoy this time of excellent hunting, as mice and other rodents are out squirreling away food for the winter.

Fall is the best time to take walks with your animals. Free from the heat, you can enjoy the outdoors together. Hiking is great with your dog, especially when she or he can carry food and water in a dog backpack. The cooler temperatures mean longer bike rides with Toto in tow, though be careful of the pavement wearing down the pads on your dog's feet. Cats love to walk, too, though at a slower pace. Learn to appreciate nature from the distinctive feline perspective.

As a side note, I would like to take the opportunity to thank people for writing me. I love to hear from you, and I'd love to hear from more of you. I do my best to answer your questions—if not in the column, then by letter. No question is silly. Ask!

Stop Kitten Biting

Dear Ms. Miller: 

I have adopted a little kitten named "Tonto" (I first thought she was a he). I have had her for almost three weeks and she is driving me mad! The problem is that she is always biting, scratching, and attacking. I care for her very much, but she makes it difficult for me when she starts that darned biting. The truth is, she can be very loving but all too often the biting begins anew. I do want to keep her. What can I do to get her to stop? Please help me! 

—S. R. Kitcher 

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