Changing the World with Effective Communication

| 10/17/2016 9:37:00 AM

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What kind of world do we want to leave to our kids? Where will all of our plastic and styrofoam be in 20 years? Will we be strong and healthy, or chemically dependent? Will our food be nutrient dense and abundant, or packed into monocultures on shrinking farmlands?

It can be hard to see it this way, but as a whole, I’m a firm believer that the human race always has the best of intentions. We take calculated risks, we weigh the pros and the cons, and we do what makes sense at the time.

However, this short-sighted thinking has landed us in some hot water, as the ecological impacts of our excessive lifestyles have become impossible to ignore. More and more of us are looking at the foods we eat, the products we buy, and we’re asking ourselves, are we part of the problem?

It’s a humbling thought, the kind that makes you want to stare at your feet in shame, that you could be a part of those floating islands of trash in the Pacific, or the once fertile lands that have been hammered flat and barren by years of industrial agriculture, and are quite literally becoming dust in the wind.

We’re only human, but in this, the greatest age of information mankind has ever seen, word travels at the speed of a click, and more and more people are turning off the drone and humdrum of everyday life to stop and examine their lifestyles. It’s happening, and we’re all part of it.

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