Try Hammock Camping in Backwoods for Low Impact

Use a hammock on your next adventure to reduce your footprint and find solitude.

| March 2018

The Green Guide to Low-Impact Hiking and Camping (The Countryman Press, 2016), by Laura and Guy Waterman is a necessary tool for any outdoorsman or woman. Laura and Guy Waterman teach readers about the value that a few small contributions can have on the land. With their suggestions, they also teach readers how to achieve each task. The following excerpt is located in Chapter 10, Low-Impact Camping: Swinging in the Woods.

Advantages of Low-Impact Camping

The advantages of the combined innovations of hammock plus dispersing into the woods are legion:

1. Loads are lighter to carry, by several pounds.

2. Camp is easier and quicker to set up.

3. Camp can be set up anywhere (except above treeline, of course)—the weary search for level, smooth tent sites is over.

4. No roots will stick into your back all night.

3/19/2018 2:31:45 PM

I always think the sag would eventually be hard on your posture.

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