An Inconvenient Truth

Global warming has become an inconvenient truth for the world's governments and some of its businesses. We the people must rise up and solve the crisis.

| October/November 2006

Some experiences are so intense while they are happening that time seems to stop altogether. When it begins again and our lives resume their normal course, those intense experiences remain vivid, refusing to stay in the past, remaining always and forever with us.

Seventeen years ago my youngest child was badly — almost fatally — injured. This is a story I have told before, but its meaning for me continues to change and to deepen.

That is also true of the story I have tried to tell for many years about the global environment. It was during that interlude 17 years ago when I started writing my first book, Earth in the Balance. It was because of my son’s accident and the way it abruptly interrupted the flow of my days and hours that I began to rethink everything, especially what my priorities had been. Thankfully, my son has long since recovered completely. But it was during that traumatic period that I made at least two enduring changes: I vowed always to put my family first, and I also vowed to make the climate crisis the top priority of my professional life.

Unfortunately, in the intervening years, time has not stood still for the global environment. The pace of destruction has worsened and the urgent need for a response has grown more acute.

The fundamental outline of the climate crisis story is much the same now as it was then. The relationship between human civilization and the Earth has been utterly transformed by a combination of factors, including the population explosion, the technological revolution, and a willingness to ignore the future consequences of our present actions. The underlying reality is that we are colliding with the planet’s ecological system, and its most vulnerable components are crumbling as a result.

I have learned much more about this issue over the years. I have read and listened to the world’s leading scientists, who have offered increasingly dire warnings. I have watched with growing concern as the crisis gathers strength even more rapidly than anyone expected.

10/16/2007 3:23:18 PM

Al Gore didn't invent the internet but he "did" invent Global Warming...or so goes the bumper sticker crowd. Climate change is a fact. Just as is rain, snow, and sunshine. How long have weather patterns been recorded? What's that? Maybe a generation, or so? I believe my Viking and First Nation (& Inuit) ancestors encountered balmy conditions many years ago... The "true" inconvenience is: Mr. Gore isn't presenting "all" the facts, i.e. he's neglecting a sorely needed balanced perspective of educated opinions. As a former student of environmental economics, I recognize it is prudent to make thoughtful and logical choices with respect to wasteful behaviour. However it is utter nonsense to scaremonger without evaluating all the facts. True it's a cheap shot, but perhaps Mr. Gore should tend his own backyard for "living excess" before he starts rallying the parade of chicken littles. Ah, but where would the world be without another religion and a throaty evangelist to lead the masses... Sign me, Pleasantly cynical with humour intact.

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