A Vision for a Better World, Part 1

| 9/11/2013 3:15:00 PM

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Every idea you find within the pages of MOTHER EARTH NEWS has been inspired by the same goal: the creation of a beautiful, abundant, healthy planet for future generations. We favor practical ideas that can be implemented by regular people in the real world. Those ideas always begin with a positive vision and a belief in the power to change.

A few years ago I started crafting — and re-crafting — my own idea of the healthy world I wanted to leave for future generations. Among other legacies, I want my great-grandchildren to live in a place that is beautiful.

Anyone who has traveled in the developing world during the past 30 years has seen the vast slums that engulf many cities. Slums occupy decaying sections of old cities, and newly built shantytowns often surround more affluent urban areas. Worldwide, about a billion people live in slums today, and the United Nations expects this number may double by 2030.India Slum

Slums are densely populated eruptions of minimal human shelter — shacks, shanties, sometimes cardboard boxes. Generally speaking, slum dwellers are barely protected from the weather. Their sewage is untreated. Their children are not educated. Increasingly, the world’s slums host a variety of toxic occupations, such as recycling used computer parts and scavenging landfills.

Slums are not beautiful. I’m sure we could find some beauty in them — some people do manage to create beauty wherever they are — but ugliness remains one of the slum’s defining characteristics.

An absence of beauty often indicates an absence of health, and slums metastasizing around the world are indicators of a profound economic disease. As we’ve enhanced the lives of the world’s richest human beings, economic inequality has grown like a cancer.

9/13/2013 8:44:48 PM

I quit. Twice my comment destroyed.

9/13/2013 8:44:10 PM

My post was destroyed !!! Short version. Ignorance from rotten schools or No schooling is the road block to betterment of all people. The road block is put in place by Tyrants, Rulers, Despots, and dictators to provide them great wealth while keeping the population poor, hungry, ill, unarmed and scared for their lives. Chavez, Marcos, and Moa have taught Obama well. With poor education, agenda 21, and common core the slums of Manila, and Mexico City are coming to a city near you.

9/13/2013 8:37:40 PM

Despot, Rulers, Tyrants, and Dictators do not allow the people the freedom to advance up the economic ladder. We can not advance people by giving all the time. People have been trained to accept being poor, hungry, and ill so the leaders can amass gr4at wealth. I look at the Soros, Chavez, and Marcos dictators of the world and see poor, hungry, ill, scared people that will bend to anything for a little safety. The real killer is ignorance. Look at our once fine school system and see students that can not read, do simple math, nor think through a simple problem. We are on the road of agenda 21 and common core that will bring the slums of Manila, and Mexico City to the USA. Obama has learned the lessons of country destruction from Soros, Alinsky, and Moa very well.

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