How to Make an Herbal Sleep Pillow

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One of the best cures for dark circles and dull skin is a good night’s sleep. Rest is essential to our health and skin, yet so many of us don’t get enough. A sleep pillow, or “dream pillow” as some call it, makes a welcome gift for people of all ages. You can stitch one up in many shapes and sizes using scraps of natural fabric. This pillow can also be used as a soothing eye mask for napping during the day. Slip one of these scented cushions under your pillow or behind your neck at night for a good night’s sleep. Yield: 1 ounce, enough for 1 pillow.


  • 100 percent natural fabric, such as cotton or silk (you can recycle fabric from clothes and scarves)
  • Enough flaxseed or small-grain rice to fill your finished pillow
  • Dried lavender (soothing and relaxing)
  • Dried mint (refreshing)
  • Dried rosemary (strengthens your memory)
  • Dried rose petals (calming)
  • Dried hops (helps you sleep)


  1. Cut two pieces of fabric into your desired shape: rectangle, eye mask, or small square. Align the pieces with the back sides together, and stitch up three sides, leaving one end open for filling.
  2. Mix together enough rice or flaxseed to loosely fill your pillow, along with 1 to 2 tablespoons of dried herbs. Add more herbs until the scent pleases you.
  3. Fill the pillow with the herb mixture, and carefully stitch the open end closed.

To use:Shake the pillow gently to release the herbal scents. Place it over your eyes, under your pillow, or behind your neck, and relax. Focus on the fragrance emitted from the pillow, and soon you’ll be fast asleep. You can also gently heat the pillow in the microwave first, or place it in the freezer or refrigerator.

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