List of Likes: Holiday Gift Guide

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Aroma oils, salves and balms.
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Driftwood vase
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Fairy garden accessories
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Three-soap gift set
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T-shirt designs
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Gardening gloves
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Amazing message plant
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Jewelry collection

For the Garden-Obsessed

Fairy garden accessories make it easy to give the gift of imagination. Miniature fairy dwellings, pixie posts, fairy creatures, tea time armchairs and other mystical adornments can add character to any garden. We love the charm of the special fairy creatures, like the bunnyfly. Accessories range in cost from $6 to $350. Contact The Fairy’s Garden at (877) 929-9282;

In Need of a Little Pampering?

Look to Earthworks’ luxurious, herbal body-care line for gifts in a variety of scents–African Jasmine, Grapefruit, Hazelnut, Japanese Flower, Limone, Mandarine and Sweet Lime, to name a few. Herb Companion staffers enjoyed the citrus three-soap gift set ($30), wrapped in colorful and textured eco-friendly pulp from bamboo shoots. The newest scent, Seringa Blossom, also got high marks from testers with its notes of bergamot, grapefruit, raspberry and amber. All products are paraben-free and range from $18 to $40. Contact Earthworks Products at (714) 259-1801;

Fit Herbies to a Tee

Celery is a stalker and radishes are rad, according to the 20 humorous designs from FoodTee Market. Available in T-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts and tank tops for women, men and children, the designs are also available in organic cotton. Prices start at $20 and the company donates a portion of its profits to The Food Studies Institute, a company devoted to nutrition education for children. Contact FoodTee Market at (877) 367-6199;

Message in a Bottle

If you’re looking for a creative way to express affection, look no further than the Amazing Message Plant. Simply give this potted plant as a gift along with its set of easy instructions. You should start to see growth in seven to 10 days, as well as a surprise message: I Love You. The Amazing Message Plant costs $11.99. Contact Clean Air Gardening at (214) 819-9500;

Relax with Lavender

Adorn your loved one with the calming aroma of lavender. Lavande, a jewelry collection inspired by the landscapes of Provence, features bud-shaped lockets with lavender bouquet engravings. Add your own fresh lavender bud inside the locket to release the soothing scent all day. The locket is hung from an adjustable-length purple leather cord and is available in three sizes, which cost between $120 and $188. Contact Jean Designs at (215) 922-2680;

The Perfect Gloves

Transform a day of gardening into a stylish affair with synthetic leather gardening gloves. Ethel Gloves, both fashionable and functional, are available in five beautiful designs. One Herb Companion staffer loved the gloves’ bold design and the way they fit the contours of her hands perfectly. Reinforced fingertips and a rubberized grip make these $18 gloves great for gardening. Contact Ethel Gloves at (877) 384-4587;

Herbal Style

Add sprigs of herbs to this earthy driftwood vase from Jayson Home & Garden–a home boutique that has embraced the green movement with its design aesthetic. The organic shape of this porcelain vase will allow your herbs to naturally flow out of the container. At $115, this unique accessory makes a fresh addition to any herb-lover’s dining table. Contact Jayson Home & Garden at (800) 472-1885;

Fits In Your Pocket

Pocket-sized, all-natural aroma oils, salves and balms–which work great as daily perfumes and healing blends–make excellent stocking stuffers. The aroma oils, priced between $14 and $20 for half an ounce, are available in seven enticing fragrances, such as Aphrodite and Sandalwood. Infused in a carrier base of jojoba, almond or grapeseed oil, the oils are very potent–one dab will do the trick. The herbal salves and balms (around $6) contain no artificial ingredients, synthetics, petroleum or perfumes and include such varieties as Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound and Dream Balm. They can be used for minor injuries or applied to your temples to help you fall asleep. Contact Mountain Rose Herbs at (800) 879-3337;

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