Herb Review: John and Kira’s Chocolates

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John & Kiras
The Every Flavor Box, which features 10 exotic flavors. For more John and Kira images, check our our Image Gallery.

There’s nothing quite like chocolate – at a Labor Day barbecue this past weekend, I happily indulged in several smores. But treating yourself to gourmet chocolate can transform a simple pleasure into a real extravagance.

John & Kira’s Chocolates are in the latter category, and with good reason. John and Kira met in 1999 and soon launched their chocolate company. Their chocolates have been passed around The Herb Companion office this week with high marks. John & Kira’s Drunken Chocolate Figs, which are made with organic figs from a family-run farm in Spain, are filled with a dark chocolate whiskey ganache, have a thin chocolate shell and are delivered in an adorable wooden box. The flavor is rich and exotic, and the size of each chocolate fig is generous. A 12-piece box costs $36.

The other office favorites were the Magical Ladybug Gems, chocolates so adorable you almost don’t want to eat them. Each chocolate is filled with raspberry, garden mint or honey lavender Valrhona ganache, and hand-painted on the dark chocolate shell in one of three colors (red, green or yellow). The garden mint variety is best left to diehard mint-fans (one tester calls it “overpowering”), but they’re all incredibly tasty.

The Every Flavor Box features 10 exotic flavors to please every chocolate fan: coffee whiskey, Glenn’s strawberry, lavender honey, Drew Elementary garden mint, Eagle Ranch pistachio, papohaku ginger, Starry Night, Glenn’s raspberry, Just Us! Bergamot and la vigne lemongrass. One tester says the Eagle Ranch pistachio flavor tastes like coconut. Another tester calls the Starry Night flavor (organic star anise with hints of licorice) very creamy. Glenn’s raspberry, mut vitz coffee whiskey and lavender honey flavors also received plenty of praise. A 28-piece box of this collection costs $39, and also comes in a reusable wooden box.

Not only are John & Kira’s Chocolates pretty delicious, but the company also strives to keep social issues and community activism in mind. So next time you crave chocolate and want to upgrade from barbecue smores – treat yourself to a few gourmet alternatives.

– Jessica is an editorial intern for The Herb Companion.