Fresh Clips: Get a Bionic Gardening Glove Grip

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Bionic Gardening Gloves do more than keep my hands clean. Designed by a leading orthopedic hand surgeon, Bionic technology is totally unique.

The difference is the bionic gardening glove’s ergonomic design, which is based on the anatomy of the hand. Hillerich & Bradsby, the revered maker of Louisville Slugger bats, sells the sheepskin gardening glove. Backed by an Arthritis Foundation study, the Bionic glove improves grip strength 16 percent over the use of bare hands and improves ability to twist things, like metal knobs, 47 percent.

I have at least six different pairs of garden gloves, but the Bionic Gloves are the ones I actually use. Most gloves feel clumsy, making it difficult to do delicate, hands-on chores. These gloves are so comfortable, I often forget I’m wearing them.

This spring, I made wind gloves–the five-fingered version of a windsock–with all my other gloves.A pair of women’s Bionic Classic Gardening Gloves costs $39.95. You can order these and other Bionic Gloves at; or call (877) 524-6642.

Patsy Bell

Hobson is a Missouri freelance garden writer.