Fresh Clips: Green Cleaning Services at Your Command

You’ve probably noticed the growing number of all-natural, organic and nontoxic cleaning products at your local supermarket in recent years. Now there’s good news for those who could use a helping hand: Environmentally friendly green cleaning services are gaining popularity around the country.

Though these “green” cleaning services might still be difficult to find in smaller towns, they are available in many major cities. Chicago-based Sparkle Queen touts its use of plant-based or naturally mined, biodegradable, nontoxic and pet-safe cleaning products at  In New York City, Zen Home Cleaning strives to minimize waste and use biodegradable substances (see

“Cleaning products affect air quality,” says Daniel Tremblay, co-founder of Green World Home Cleaning in Sarasota, Florida. “What you spray in the air lingers.”For an extensive list of green home-cleaning services, visit

Jessica Sain-Baird is an HC editorial intern.

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