You Take the Good, You Take the Bad, You Take…

Reader Contribution by Amanda Wunderlich
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No one said “it” would be easy, the “it” being this whole farm life.  I’ve learned to take life day by day, due to the fact that with this lifestyle, it’s hard to plan even a week in advance.  There have been many ups and downs, and with each we have rolled with it.  Our latest calamity came in the form of a powerful thunderstorm that roared through this area on Monday night.  With high winds and pounding rain, there are fallen trees and anything that was not tied down is scattered all across creation.  

Even things that were tied down were destroyed, namely the mothership, our hoop house.  Metal was snapped like toothpicks, and bent as if it were aluminum foil.  It was a sad affair seeing pictures posted on facebook while I was cooking breakfast for the troops.  I haven’t even looked at it yet, but the cell phone pictures tell a good enough storey.  To see them, please visit my blog: