Use Lumber You’ve Cut to Start Creative Wood Projects

Reader Contribution by Abbie Stutzer
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Have you ever walked through a quiet mountainside, inhaled cool, crisp air that’s tinged with the scent of approaching snow, and happened upon a rustic wood cabin? A handcrafted cabin nestled amongst pine trees looks magnificent. 

Readers who’ve embarked on their own wood projects know wood crafting is exhilarating. Imagine the satisfaction wood sawyers enjoy from using wood they’ve gathered themselves to build an original wood structure. 

Many people have started and successfully finished wood projects they never thought they’d be capable of creating. Wood-Mizer, a company that sells quality sawmills and accessories, encourages wood sawyers to build the wood project of their dreams. One way Wood-Mizer helps wood workers get the recognition they deserve is through the company’s “Personal Best” contest. 

The contest highlights marvelous wood projects built by talented wood sawyers who’ve used Wood-Mizer products to realize their goals. The contest’s 12 winners are featured in the company’s 2010 calendar. 

Over the next few weeks, this blog will feature six of Wood-Mizer’s contest winners in hopes to inspire you to become creative and make something beautiful out of local lumber or salvaged wood.

Here’s more information about the “Personal Best” contest:

“The Personal Best contest runs every other year, on the odd years. Wood-Mizer receives entries from all over the United States, including Canada, and awards $20,000 worth of credit to winners. The most recent contest ran in 2009, and Lowell Hinrichs of Sooke, BC won with his entry in the Exterior Projects category.”

Contest categories:

Homes and Major Structures for Yourself
Homes and Major Structures for Someone Else
Small Homes/Cabins for Yourself
Small Homes/Cabins for Someone Else
Exterior ProjectsLarge Barns and GaragesSmall Barns and Tool ShedsInterior ProjectsFor the Good of OthersWide Open, Unusual, and Unique Projects

Check back every few weeks and be inspired!

Photo courtesy of Wood-Mizer