Try a Wall Tent for a Homestead Away from Home

Reader Contribution by Kerry W. Mann, Jr. and Homesteadhow
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Our homestead recently took delivery of 2 large boxes, our Wilderness Wall Tent from arrived!

A wall tent is a tent like no other.  A wall tent is a type of tent that has four straight vertical walls that provide more headroom than traditional dome or pyramid-shaped tents. Wall tents are typically made of a heavy canvas.  Our tent is made from Army duck double-fill canvas.  Two cotton strands are twisted together into one single strand making it much stronger than single fill canvas.  Wall tents are used by hunters because they can accommodate several people and supplies. Wall tents have been used for hundreds of years. During the civil war, huge wall tents were used as hospitals and could accommodate 20 patients.

Our tent is 10 feet by 12 feet and with 5 foot tall side walls, it is more akin to a portable cottage than a typical tent. It’s like a tiny house that you can bag up and take anywhere. There is plenty of room for several cots, chairs a table and the wood stove. With the wood stove it can be used in the coldest of temperatures.

Why a Wall Tent?

Our wall tent is truly a homestead away from home. We will use it to go hunting to provide meat for our homestead. With the wood stove we can cook meals and stay warm and hunt nearby while camping in the tent indefinitely.

In our latest YouTube video we show the unboxing of our wall tent. We also show how to cut and prepare the wall tent poles, how to cure the wood stove and how to setup the tent. We head out deep into the woods to “camp” in our wall tent for the very first time (in below freezing Wisconsin weather) and to cook our very first meal on the wood camp stove. Enjoy the video:


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