Useful Tips for Used Pantyhose

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Photo courtesy geniuskp/Fotolia
Don't throw those old pair of pantyhose away! They can be reused a variety of ways.

Don’t throw away your old pantyhose — just wash them and put them to use around the house: Clean nylon stockings make excellent stuffing for the washable toys children love to cuddle.

Pamper your pet with a mattress stuffed with old nylon stockings. It can be washed and dried quickly and does not get lumpy.

Sagging chair seats can be made springy again by using old nylon stockings as stuffing.

Fresh grease spots can be removed from wallpaper by covering with blotting paper and pressing with a warm iron.

It’s easy to remove and replace a single floor tile if you heat the damaged tile with an infrared lamp until the adhesive is softened.