Useful Household Tips And Tricks

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Photo By Fotolia/Fasphotographic
Cleaning hulled walnuts is easier with a cement mixer.

These simple household tips will make your days easier and brighter.

1) Figuring out how to clean walnuts never needs to be a problem again! Just put approximately half a bushel of hulled walnuts into a cement mixer, add a quarter bushel of stones or gravel about the same size as the fruit, and pour in plenty of water. Run the machine until the nuts appear to be ready (you may want to change the water once or twice), and dump the contents onto a screen. Rinse, and pick out the nuts. You’ll find that they’re free of trash, ready to be dried, and attractive enough to market!

2) Misjudging the last step at the bottom of your basement, house or root cellar stairway can be a rude surprise… and dangerous, too. You can easily remedy the problem, however, by just covering that final step with a piece of tell-tale carpeting.

3) You can seal a lot of envelopes fast with recycled roll-on deodorant bottles. The tops of most roll-on applicators come off easily, allowing them to be filled with water and used as makeshift letter-lickers.

4) When stovepipe sections refuse to go together, slip a strand of wire around the male end of one pipe length, and tighten the loop by twisting it with a nail. The slight compression of the tube will allow you to insert it easily, and when you remove the wire (you may have to use cutters) you’ll have a snug, secure-fitting joint.

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