Urban Homestead: Moving In

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt

Last week I shared with you my upcoming move to an urban homestead home

Well, it has all happened! The boxes are being unpacked, the herbs are anxious to get into the ground and we hope this weekend to build the four raised beds in the backyard.

As with most moves there have been a few “adjustments.” The biggest was the appearance of a small springlet, after a sudden downpour, in what we thought was a very dry basement. Surprise! As our realtor said, “There is not a dry basement in an old home in town.” How comforting. But he did refer us to the venerable foundation man, who we are hoping will have a sure-fire solution to the problem – today.

As the movers were unpacking the truck, I discovered the metal garbage can I use to store bird seed. I had put the feeders into the can just before moving. So, I got out the feeders, hung them from a wrought iron planter stand and filled them with seed. To my surprise, within a couple of hours English sparrows, and pairs of house finches, cardinals and ring-necked doves were at the feeder. Just like that, the word went around the neighborhood that a new fast-food joint had opened.

I noticed two bunnies in the neighbor’s yard. My Boston terrier noticed them, too. I am hoping she will be my garden guardian against the hungry hoard. But first, we need a fence to keep her from running down the driveway and a dog door so she can let herself out. More to come next week!