There's What in the Meat?

Reader Contribution by Staff

Welcome to the Livestock and Sustainable Farming Blog!

You might ask, ‘Why would anyone be interested in a blog about cows and no-till?’ The answer is simple: Agriculture’s influence is far-reaching, and its policies affect each and every one of us in many aspects of our daily lives, some of which you may be unaware.

The most obvious of these is the quality of the food we put on our tables, but let’s take a step back and survey the big picture: Advances in the science of agriculture and the formation of federal legislation that truly benefits the rural economy are vital not only to the production of safe and nutritious food, but also to the future of our health care system.

Ag has a hand in everything from the shoes on your feet to, as some may argue, the security of our country. Did you know that our agricultural fields might have the ability to slow global warming? The list goes on — pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and more come from our nation’s farms.

Agriculturally speaking, these are fascinating times. Debates are heated, as theories and opinions abound. Even as we anxiously await the fate of the 2007 farm bill (perhaps the single most important piece of legislation concerning the health of America’s citizens, soils and wildlife), new developments are popping up in the farming world regularly. My aim is to bring you the latest and greatest once a week.

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