Swedish Potato Sausage Recipe

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This story is from David Mann, submitted as part of our Wisdom From Our Elders collection of self-sufficient tales from yesteryear.

My grandfather came to Minnesota from Sweden around 1900 and eventually owned a farm near Milaca. Before World War II, my time on the farm was a magical memory of vegetable gardens, farm animals, walleye pike, and Swedish potatiskorv, or potato sausage. The sausage was mixed in a 6-gallon crock, stuffed by hand, and cooked on a woodstove.

10 pounds potatoes

2½ pounds lean beef

2½ pounds lean pork

4 pounds onions

7½ tbsp salt

3½ tsp pepper

Medium- or coarse-grind potatoes and onions; mix well with ground meat and seasoning. Stuff gently in 12-inch segments of salted pork casings (well rinsed and softened in warm water). Cover with mildly salted water and bring to a gentle boil for one hour, pricking skins at 2-inch intervals to vent pressure and prevent bursting. Makes about 20 lbs.

If you do not wish to use the exact recipe above, follow these ratios.

2/3 potatoes

1/3 meat (1/2 beef, 1/2 unseasoned pork)

2 pounds onions per 5 pounds of potatoes


1½ tbsp salt per pound of meat

3/4 scant tsp pepper per pound of meat

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