How to Make Deer Sausage

Deer meat, or venison, is a lean meat that lends itself surprisingly well to sausage making.

By Monte Burch
Updated on September 15, 2023
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by Adobestock/Blessings Captured

Learn how to make deer sausage after efficiently processing deer meat using a hanging-carcass butchering method.

My favorite method to butcher a deer for sausage making these days is to bone off all meat while the deer carcass is still hanging. This prevents the possibility of contamination from pathogens found in the brain and spinal column when cutting through them with a meat saw. This results in a pile of boneless meat, the loins going into the freezer for steaks, and the rest to be ground “burger” or for sausage making, with some used for jerky as well.

How to Butcher a Deer

To begin butchering a deer, the carcass should be hanging head down. The first step is to skin the carcass (if not already done). I like to use a rope winch to lower or raise the carcass as I work on the different areas. The skin can be removed with or without cutting off the head and front feet. One method is to skin down to the head and cut it off at the neck, then skin down to the front feet and cut them off with a meat saw. Or skin down to the head and cut off the skin at the joint between the head and neck. Cut from inside the skin to help prevent getting hair on the carcass. Skin down to the hocks and encircle the legs with a cut to remove the skin from the legs. The latter avoids using a meat saw completely, but it requires a bit more skinning effort.

Using a good, sharp boning knife, separate a front shoulder from the carcass. There is no connecting bone joint between the shoulder and the body. Simply pull the front leg out and away from the carcass and slice it off. Lay this shoulder aside and remove the other.

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