Rambling Rose Ramblings

Reader Contribution by Sherry Leverich Tucker
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I imagine that for most people that
live in climates with seasons, there are certain signs of Spring and
Summer that are noticed and anticipated every year.  For me, one of
those is the blooming of my mom’s rambling rose.  

This beautiful pink rambling rose
climbs up the corner post on the North corner of my mom’s yard, as it
always has.  Every year it is bursting with blooms no matter what
kind of winter weather it has endured, or what kind of spring is upon
us.  It amazes me how resilient and consistent this beautiful rose

The rambling rose has a soft rose scent
and makes a great cut flower.  The blooms are smaller than a more
cultivated variety and many flowers will bloom on one stem.  The
vines do send out suckers and can creep, but has never been hard for
mom to keep in check by mowing or trimming back.  This springtime
bloomer only flowers once, in the spring, so the rest of the summer
it is just a green briar bush.  

I am going to dig up a sucker this
spring and try to start one at the corner post that meets our
driveway.  This old-fashioned rambling rose needs to find a home
there so it can greet me each spring, along with the peonies and

photo credit:  My mom, Alice Leverich, took these pictures of her rambling rose bush.