Have You Herd? Raising Goats for Milk and Meat

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Photo by Fotolia/stokkete
Some goat breeds can provide milk and meat.

My household believes that a big part of living sustainably is reducing our reliance on commercial products. For this reason, we have taken to raising goats for meat and milk. 

Our ladies provide us with rich, tasty milk for our morning oatmeal, often with enough left over to pound out a couple of loaves of bread in the afternoon. After the kids have been weaned, we have even more goat’s milk for an evening hot chocolate or atole (a warm, corn-based drink). Goat meat is a healthy and flavorful occasional addition to our diet as well. It can be cooked for a broth, hung to dry with lime and salt, or cooked estilo barbacoa (barbecued).

Camille Torok de Flores
Moroleón, Mexico