Photo of the Week: Puppy Love

Reader Contribution by Aaron Harris
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Great photos stand out for one simple reason: They’re great photos. It’s a bit redundant, but, hey, it’s the truth. The photos we look at and say “Wow!” are the ones that are both technically sound and that make us think and feel. The pictures that make us smile, make us cry, make us angry – usually without us meaning to have these emotions – these are the photos that are great.

The choice for this week’s “Photo of the Week” does just that. Technically speaking, the photo is done just fine. The puppy is in the foreground, the background is blurred, and the subject is in focus. The color and texture of the picture is sharp. There’s little, if anything, wrong with this picture from a photographer’s point of view.

The photographer’s point of view isn’t why this picture was chosen, though. It’s because of how the photo makes people feel and what it makes us think of. (Everyone in the office couldn’t help but smile when they saw this one.)

The weather is changing. The first frost has hit. When waking up in the morning, it can be hard to get out of bed and put our feet on the cold floors. The puppy has the right idea; I’m taking a nap. You all have some fun behind me, but I need some hibernation.

How many people do you think saw this puppy just lying around? With fall here, take some time to notice what’s going around you – above, below and in front. Jump in a pile of leaves, admire the migrating birds, and, if you get a chance, lie down and relax with a nap.

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