A Great Way to Remove Tree Stumps

If you need to remove tree stumps from your property here's a tool that will make it easy.

| June/July 2010

remove tree stumps

Got one of these in your way? It's easy to remove tree stumps with the DR stump grinder.


If you’re clearing wooded areas on your property and need a machine to remove tree stumps so you won’t have to mow around them, you’ll want to check out the new stump grinder from our friends at DR Power Equipment. Available in 6- or 9-horsepower models, the DR Stump Grinder features an air-cooled Subaru engine with auto-style overhead cam technology.

According to the company, this engine will last longer because “steel cam and gears replace rubber timing belts and plastic gears found in other engines.” Prices start at less than $1,900 (you probably could recoup this cost by renting the grinder out to your neighbors).

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9/1/2015 3:56:43 PM

Oh, a tree service sounds about right to get in touch with. The reason is because of the many tree stump that have been left after the homeowner cut the trees in the front yard. At the moment I'm wanting to know just what type of tools they'll be using to remove the stump because I've already tried hauling them with my truck. http://www.advancedarborcare.com/

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