Profit with a Portable Sawmill Business

Create your own portable sawmill business to generate money for the homestead, includes how to process wood, custom-cutting lumber, creating value-added lumber and wood products for your business.

| December 2002/January 2003

Learn how to make a profit with a portable sawmill business for your homestead.

Dreaming of a new home or barn you can't quite afford? If you cut your own lumber using a portable sawmill, you could save enough to bring the project within reach. And you can use the mill to develop a business custom-cutting lumber or producing other wood products. (Or, after you've cut all the lumber you need, you could sell the mill.)

This special section outlines how to choose and use a portable mill to create value-added lumber and other products. Even if you don't have your own forest, you can salvage storm-damaged trees or harvest trees being removed when land is cleared for construction or farming (see "Woodworkers Recycle Storm-Damaged and Bulldozed Logs").

When it comes to making money from lumber, it's all about value added," says Michael Best. "The further you take wood from a tree to a finished product, the more valuable it is."

Best is the executive director of the nonprofit Sustainable Mountain Agricultural Center near Berea, Kentucky. SMAC's mission is to demonstrate that sustainable agriculture is possible on small farms. "Farmers can make enough profit to avoid working outside the farm if they utilize the whole farm, including woodlots."

Initially, SMAC used its manually operated Wood-Mizer LT40 portable sawmill for on-farm use, cutting trees for tomato stakes, barn hoards and racks.

Albert Pollard_6
6/3/2009 8:19:55 AM

One more great portabel sawmill to add to your list: The Lumber Smith is the next generation of sawmill, it can be rolled like a wheel barrow, is light wieght and is stainless and aluminum. Independence just got more affordable! Albert

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