Photo of the Week: Kid on the Farm

Reader Contribution by Brenna Long
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This little kid looks like he is ready to play. Running around in the sunshine does sound like a nice way to spend the afternoon. I know I wouldn’t complain. But goats are more useful than just for entertainment. They can mow the grass and provide meat and milk if you want to raise them.At my house, the goat, NE, is little more than entertainment. He gets to wander the farm because we had such a difficult time trying to keep him pinned up. So now, he just strolls around the yard nibbling on grass and plants. If he didn’t munch on the plants, he would basically be like a dog at our house. If you are looking for ways to fence in your animals, check out Living Fences for a different way to keep track of your animals.

If you had never thought about keeping goats on your homestead, check out Getting Your Goat. If you are looking for more information, search goats on MOTHER EARTH NEWS. And if you are determined to get goats, search the classifieds to find a few goats.

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