Mixed Media Recycling Art

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Make a collage under one common theme, such as Italian food, and incorporate recycled materials for a truly green, creative project.

I’m a full-time fine artist and dedicated recycler. I subscribe to several art magazines that contain lovely reproductions of paintings and other art forms. I can’t bear to see all those beautiful pages go to the recycling center, so I often bundle them up and share them with creative friends.

In the past two years, I’ve become interested in collage techniques. One day, a light bulb went off under my graying pate. Why not use those brilliant magazine pages to create more artwork? I got even more inspired when I thought of how costly my canvases and art boards were. I dug through my recycle pile with glee and found the perfect support for my small collage projects: empty cereal boxes!

I cut the face and backs from each box, primed them with gesso or paint, and then snipped, glued and painted away. I estimate I have created over 50 mixed-media artworks with these materials. Their retail sales have more than covered the cost of all the magazine subscriptions and the cereal.

Kim Robertson
Easton, Pennsylvania