Kubota Promotes Tractor Safety With Education, Retrofit Program

Reader Contribution by Adam Lafferty
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The Kubota Tractor Corporation continues to spread awareness of the importance of farm equipment safety. June is the National Safety Council’s Safety Month, and in honor of this, Kubota has issued a press release reminding operators to make farm safety a priority.

According to a National Agriculture Tractor Safety Initiative study, the use of Kubota’s Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS), combined with a seat belt, is 98 percent effective in preventing tractor-related injuries and deaths. Kubota has made the ROPS and seat belt combination standard on all of their equipment since 1985, and they also have a program through which owners of older Kubota models can get their equipment retrofitted with these features for a special price. (See Kubota’s website for more information.) The company estimates that they have installed more than 11,500 ROPS retrofits to date.

“The best advice for operators relative to ROPS and seat belts is toput ’em on, keep ’em on,” says Greg Embury, vice president of sales and marketing at Kubota. “National Safety Month provides us with an important reminder to use the safety features on equipment consistently and to pay close attention to all safety practices before using tractors, lawn and garden equipment, construction equipment and utility vehicles, too.”

Kubota also sponsors the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day educational program which provides safety education and training for children year-round. Kubota’s website has more information about this as well as its “Ten Commandments of Tractor Safety”, a downloadable coloring book and a safety podcast.

“Safety should be top-of-mind for people who have been operating equipment for years, as well as those just learning,” says Embury.

Photo: Kubota