Photo of the Week: A Hen and Her Friend

Reader Contribution by Emylisa Warrick
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Love is in the air as the summer season unfolds. Though the rooster seems a little resistant (males usually are, in general), his little hen probably melts his heart every time. Or she could have caught him off guard for a quick kiss.

Hens are funny creatures. Some hens lay eggs, but never sit on them to hatch. People try to use foster broody hens to raise chicks. Our readers have come up with some solutions to encourage hens to sit on their eggs in order to hatch them, also called “broody behavior.” Some people recommended leaving the hen with a nest of eggs in a small, dark space. Others suggested using artificial lighting to increase the hours of daylight.

This hen doesn’t seem so neglectful; she reminds us to spend a little more time with our loved ones.

Thanks to CU photographer JKenney for the hen and rooster photo! Check out the gallery Ladies and Gents of Springbrook for more clucky fun.

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