The Hasegawa Tripod Ladder: See a Sturdy, Lightweight Ladder in Action (Video)

The Hasegawa tripod ladder is an incredibly lightweight, sturdy ladder that will help keep you safe and stable while harvesting, pruning, painting and more.


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One of the most important traits for a ladder to have is safety — and safety in ladders general results from stability. The tripod ladder made by Hasegawa Company in Japan is second to none when it comes to stability, as the wide, flared base of the ladder’s three legs creates an unbelievably solid platform. The height of the back leg can even be adjusted if you need to place the ladder on a hill or incline.

You won’t feel the usual teetering and shakiness while standing on even the upper rungs of this secure, sturdy ladder. You’ll find this makes moving your upper body around much simpler and more comfortable, giving you a better range of motion as you work. No more worrying that your ladder might tip, or that you might lose your balance and fall. Watch multiple people test the ladder’s stability in the video on this page.

Portability is another important feature when comparing ladders. The sturdy Hasegawa tripod ladder is incredibly lightweight. One person can easily move it around while harvesting fruit, pruning, painting, cleaning gutters or tackling other homestead chores. This is just one more aspect that makes this one of the best ladders we’ve ever tested.