Get Your Homestead Ready for Spring

By Staff
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Equipment to Help Get You Started



Whether you recently purchased the property of your dreams or you are finally considering getting the tools you need to better manage your homestead or hobby farm, spring is a great time to take stock of your property to determine how to best manage it all year long.

You take pride in your land and ownership is as rewarding as it is challenging. Just as the hobby farming or homesteading lifestyle differs by region, so does the range of jobs you have to manage on your property – whether its mowing and clearing, to managing animals, fencing, planting and producing. All of it makes for tough work, especially without the right horsepower. If you are ready for some help, let industry leading, reliable and versatile Kubota equipment get all these jobs – and then some – done right.

Where to Start

To the equipment novice, buying and operating a tractor or zero-turn mower can be daunting at first, but once you find the right equipment, you will quickly wonder how you ever lived without it. 

Start by assessing your needs now and into the future to better manage or manicure your property. If you know from the start you will be doing more than mowing and mulching, like removing snow or planting trees, consider a compact tractor to tackle any application you may have.

Kubota will have you covered with its Standard L01 Series of compact tractors – with all the durability and versatility needed to tackle any job for small and medium-sized property owners. The Standard L01 Series is the company’s best seller offering several benefits that make it comfortable and easy to use – from an open working station that provides a roomy, airy operating space, to contoured suspension seating to reduce fatigue and improve comfort on longer rides, and an ergonomic control layout with large gauges that make monitoring speed and other levels a breeze. 


If you’re not quite ready for a tractor that size, consider the B01 Series, which is tough enough to tackle any job but in a user-friendly, easy-to-maneuver compact frame. Or, next up is Kubota’s newest LX Series, coined as the perfect year-round, do-it-all tractor, built for customers who need the size of a smaller B01 Series tractor, but with the increased power and functionality of the L01 Series, making it the best of both worlds for lawn and garden work and the capability to also take on heavy-duty loader work. It is the range in horsepower and dynamic flexibility across their tractor lines that have made Kubota the #1 best-selling compact tractor brand for over a decade.

As any property owner will tell you, there is no place for down-time or for dealing with high-maintenance machines. So, one of the most important aspects of a tractor’s usability is that it is built to last, with reliable, high-quality and high-durability parts – and with Kubota you will get more value built into every machine. 

Mowing Master

If you need to up your mowing game, and you have 1-3 acres of property to maintain, consider a durable and reliable mower an invaluable time-saving tool to turn lawn maintenance into something to look forward to. 

Both walk-behind and ride-on mowers are very popular and effective for various turf jobs. However, once the land you are mowing reaches a few acres, it is time to consider a zero-turn mower. The Kubota Z200 Series line of professional-grade mowers deliver a professional looking cut, every time. These nimble ride-on mowers offer maximum maneuverability with almost zero-degree turning radius. Ease of use makes navigating around trees, fencing, water features and garden beds as precise as using a walk-behind mower, but with the comfort and convenience of a ride-on mower. 

When you have a lot of ground to cover, comfort counts, especially when you plan to spend a lot of time in the operator’s seat. The Kubota Z200 Series features a new deluxe, cushioned high-back seat with up to 6 inches of horizontal adjustment so you can feel completely secure and in control. The wide operating platform is easy to enter and exit and offers ample legroom, and multiple storage compartments, ergonomic control panel, and cupholders all contribute to organizational and operator comfort.

Final Thought

The right equipment can make all the difference when it comes to property maintenance. If you are in the market for new equipment to help you get ready for spring, click here to find a knowledgeable and helpful Kubota dealer serving your community.