Can You Feed Fruit Pulp to Livestock?

Reader Contribution by Staff

Is it possible to use fruit pulp after the pressing to feed livestock? Do you think it would need to be kept frozen to use over a period of time, or could it be silaged by itself or with other material? It seems to me that if you produce a good deal of pulp, it would be a good source of feed.

Fruit pulp can be used to feed livestock, but if it is high in sugar, like apple pulp, it needs to be fed quickly, or ensiled with plenty of extra fiber to minimize ethanol production. Mixing apple pulp with 15 percent to 30 percent straw works fairly well. If pulp is going to be a large component of a feeding program, some nutritional analysis should be made, and it really needs to be ensiled for ruminants. Freezing might work on a small scale … it might be a big hassle too.

Chickens, hogs and ruminants would all likely consume the materials fresh, some with more relish than others. There is no problem throwing pumpkins, squash, apples, pulp, etc. into a feeder for your home flock or herd, but it should only be used as a supplement to good pasture, hay or other balanced feed.

One more thing … dried apple pulp can be pelletized and stored/fed pretty conveniently.

Oscar H. Will III, editor, Grit magazine