An Easy DIY Winter Chicken Waterer

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Photo by Fotolia/fotomaster
Baby, it's cold outside!

Here’s an easy way to make a winter chicken waterer that is inexpensive and really works. The water won’t freeze, even on the coldest nights.


1 socket that will accept a metal reflector, 8-inches in diameter, around the bulb
1 piece of 8-inch plastic pipe, approximately 8-inches long
2 flat-bottomed metal feed pans, 8 to 10 inches in diameter
3 cinder blocks about 8 inches high
1 100-watt flood light

Directions: Screw the reflector onto the light socket. Screw in the bulb. Set reflector and light with the bulb up, in the 8-inch pipe. The reflector hangs off the top rim of the pipe.

Place the pipe on a level piece of ground so the bulb faces upward. Route the power cord through the bottom of the pipe. Place one pan upside down over the reflector with its edges resting on the cinder blocks. Place the second pan right side up on top of the first; put a rock in the top pan (to keep the chickens from tipping it over) and fill it with water.

Remember safety first and use a ground fault interruption (GFI) plug and an outdoor electrical cord.

Bryan Hancock
Fairfield, Iowa