DIY Chicken Waterer

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Keep your chicks well hydrated with a simple, DIY chicken waterer.

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To make an inexpensive homemade baby chicken
waterer, all you need is a jar, a saucer, and a rock. You
use a quart jar for a lot of peeps and a pint jar for just
a few peeps. Knock a small nick in each side of the rim of
the jar with a screwdriver or a knife point and hammer. Just
a light tap will usually do it. Then fill the jar halfway
with water. Find an old ceramic or china saucer. Place the
saucer on the top of the jar with the cup indentation side
down. Then just flip the jar over quickly. We always put a
rock on top of the jar to keep the peeps from knocking it
over. It’s a simple, easy task.


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