Butchering Meat: Beef, Mutton and Poultry

A guide to butchering meat from a great homesteading book about self-sufficient farming includes tips on butchering beef, butchering sheep and butchering poultry.

| January/February 1975

This excerpt on butchering meat was taken from the homesteading book Farming for Self-Sufficiency: Independence on a 5-Acre Farm by John and Sally Seymour Copyright (1973), with an introduction by Shocken Books, Inc. Learn about butchering beef including how to preserve the meat by learning how to make homemade beef stock and how to pickle beef. You can make your own rennet after butchering sheep. Learn how to pluck chickens the most efficient way right after butchering poultry. A butchering diagram is included. 

Ah, the vicissitudes of time. Two years ago, when there were NO currently relevant small-scale-farming introductory handbooks available, many of us welcomed the publication of Richard Langer's Grow It! with open arms. Now that we're all older and more experienced, however, some folks find it increasingly easy to criticize that breakthrough beginner's guide (see the Feedback sections of MOTHER EARTH NEWS NOS. 23, 24 and 25). 

Which brings us to another breakthrough book that is just as important (probably more so) now as Grow It! was two years ago . . . and which may well come up for its share of criticism in another 24 months or so. 

Be that as it may, John and Sally Seymour's record of 18 successful years on a shirttail-sized homestead in England is important now and should offer welcome encouragement to today's back-to-the-landers . . . both real and imaginary. I started serializing the book in my No. 25 issue and I'm sure that many readers will want a personal copy for their home libraries. — MOTHER EARTH NEWS 


The running to the butcher's dally Is a ridiculous thing. 

— William Cobbett

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