Baby Bird Lifesaver

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Photo courtesy hildeanna/Fotolia
Follow this tip to help baby birds in their nests.

For those of you who come across baby birds that have
fallen from their nests and fear for the baby’s life, I
have an answer. We all know it’s best to leave fledglings
alone (as their parents will tend to them on the ground,
eventually), but if you have cats or other predatory or
curious pets around, the baby birds will be in danger. The
answer? Save old birds’ nests that you’ve found and place
the fledgling in the nest out of harm’s way. It’s best if
you can find the tree you think the baby fell out of. If
you don’t have an old nest, try a brown paper sack,
sandwich-sized, filled with dry material. Then sit back and
wait for the parents to return knowing you’ve done the most
you could with the least interference your heart and
conscience would allow.

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