Announcing the Launch of Green Jobs Now

Reader Contribution by Staff
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The growing demand for renewable energy presents a tremendous opportunity for the creation of new jobs; and Green Jobs Now is hoping that this Saturday, Sept. 27, you’ll help spread the word that people are more than ready for new green-collar jobs and the more sustainable economy they can help create. Get in on the action with Green Jobs Now: National Day of Action to Build a New Economy, an initiative to inspire and assist everyday people to stage and participate in grassroots events supporting the creation of green jobs in the United States.

“Right now, there are millions of people ready to work and countless jobs to be done that will strengthen our economy at home. There are thousands of buildings that need to be weatherized, solar panels to be installed, and wind turbines to be erected. There are communities that need local and sustainable food and people ready to farm the crops. There are public transit systems and smart electricity grids in need of engineers and electricians. Americans are ready to build the new economy. It’s time to invest in saving the planet and the people. It’s time for green jobs now!” — Van Jones and the Green Jobs Now Team 

You can learn more about green-collar jobsfind a Green Jobs Now event near you, and more by checking out the Frequently Asked Questions page. No events in your neighborhood? Host your own, it can be anything from a living room discussion or house party to a public event with music, readings and food.