A DIY Natural Cleaner for Stainless Steel Appliances

| 1/19/2015 4:47:00 PM

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When we remodeled our "forever" home, I insisted on stainless steel appliances. We were moving from an old farmhouse with ancient appliances that were white and run down. I wanted fresh, clean and modern. I watched all the home shows on television, so I knew that stainless was the way to go…or so I thought. Not one person warned me about cleaning them. Nobody told me that I'd clean them and somebody would open the fridge and BAM... fingerprints galore.

Oh, what a nightmare my first year was in my new kitchen. Yes, it was beautiful. I had every appliance I had ever dreamed of. Double ovens, a large stainless farm sink…the list goes on. It wasn't that I didn't love my new kitchen, it's just that I dreaded ever using it, because then I had to clean it. My poor husband was afraid to open the fridge, turn on the sink or go into the kitchen because I'd huff and puff and then go clean and polish those darn stainless steel appliances.

Natural Sink Cleaner Lemon 

Fast forward 10 years: I've adjusted. I've lightened up. Two kids later, this mom doesn't have time to fret over a fingerprint. The kitchen has to function; we need to eat. I gave up the idea that my kitchen will look like those in the magazines. Those are staged. Nobody cooks in those kitchens! This means, I have lots of fingerprints now and don't jump up to catch one smudge. I deal with it.

I do, however, still clean and polish and desire a nice looking kitchen. I just don't do it daily. I also don't use all those terrible chemical filled products that I was tricked into buying 10 years ago when I was desperate to keep my brand new dream kitchen magazine worthy. Nope, I'm cheap. I'm sensible.

What do I use? How do I clean without the name brand products that promise to make life easy and clean your stainless steel products? Let me tell you my secret.

5/28/2018 2:01:52 AM

I use the plans at WWW.EASYWOODWORK.ORG to build my own DIY projects – I highly recommend you visit that website and check their plans out too. They are detailed and super easy to read and understand unlike several others I found online. The amount of plans there is mind-boggling… there’s like 16,000 plans or something like that for tons of different projects. Definitely enough to keep me busy with projects for many more years to come haha. Go to WWW.EASYWOODWORK.ORG if you want some additional plans :)

6/19/2015 4:15:54 AM

Last month my husband installed our new stainless steel kitchen sink and it's still great shiny and new.Because I wipe it at least hundred times a day :D I'm not a freak about http://www.kennington-cleaners.co.uk/, but it's a new item in my kitchen and I want it to stay new as long as it can. Your idea for using citrus and baking soda is great and I'll definitely try it. Thank you for sharing!

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