More Recycled Refrigerator Solar Water Heater Designs

These recycled refrigerator solar water heater designs are ideas dreamed up by MOTHER's staff and inspired by a reader's earlier design.

| January/February 1978

More recycled refrigerator solar water heater designs offered by MOTHER's capable staff.

More Recycled Refrigerator Solar Water Heater Designs

When Miles K. Free III sent us an article telling how he'd recycled an old refrigerator into part of a solar water heating system (see "Recycle a Refrigerator Into a Solar Water Heater", pages 108-109, MOTHER NO. 48) . . . he didn't know that MOTHER's researchers had already been working on the same idea for some time.

Whereas Miles began his project by thinking about how easy it'd be to convert a refrigerator into an insulated storage cabinet for a tank of solar-heated water, however, MOTHER's research staff sorta approached their conversion project "the other end to".

It all began with an old junked Hotpoint refrigerator that a couple of MOTHER's people were taking apart with the idea of using its compressor as a small solar-powered steam engine or something of that nature. Almost immediately, though, the experimenters were speculating about the heat exchange coils on the back of the reefer's cabinet.

"Hey, that looks an awful lot like the serpentine tubing which goes inside a flat-plate solar collector."

"Yeah, except that the diameter of this stuff — it looks like it's about a quarter inch — is so much smaller than the diameter of the tubing — about a half inch — generally used in a collector."

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