Modular, Prefab, and Compact Green Homes and Structures

| 7/31/2012 10:56:00 AM

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Below is a listing of companies that offer green dwellings in the form of modular, prefab/manufactured, compact and/or mobile structures. These days, there are many such options available that are not only green, but also beautiful, well-made, and often low-cost. Some of these structures are homes or cabins/cottages, while others can be used as an addition, a backyard studio, office, in-law unit/guest house, or some other type of “accessory dwelling unit” or out-building.

They come in a wide range of sizes, from teeny-tiny one-room spaces (e.g., 100 sq. ft.) and small units (see the Tiny/Compact Structures section below) to conventionally sized homes. They are also available in a wide variety of styles; some have traditional designs, while others have a very modern look. Some are available as plans and/or DIY kits, and others have designated builders. Many can be modified or customized.

Tiny Homes

7/30/2014 12:59:42 AM

Hi, another provider of small sustainable modular homes is Amish Cabin Company based in Kentucky, Built in an off-grid Amish shop.

miriam landman
10/2/2012 10:58:32 PM

Another one I should add: The Leaf House, a small, portable home made in the Yukon and designed for cold climates:

rosie who
8/3/2012 4:13:50 PM

anne corning
8/2/2012 2:33:08 AM

Another company making smaller green homes is ShelterKraft Werks, Inc. In fact, we displayed our mini CargoCottage(tm) container house at the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup last summer! Our houses are prefabricated in individual container modules at our worksite in Seattle, and then transported to the customer site for installation.

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