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In Little Loom Weaving (Ulysses Press, 2017) by Andreia Gomes, she utilizes her background as an interior designer to teach unique techniques on weaving for those just starting out and for those who have been weaving for years. Her book has everything you need to create trendy and timeless woven pieces on a small, portable loom.

This project is pretty simple and quick to make. I remember when I was in school, I made a woven coaster using fabric leftovers in art classes. I was twelve years old. I’m sure everyone can make this project and I think it is a fun project to make with your kids.


• Weaving loom
• Cotton warp yarn
• Cardboard spacer
• Cotton yarn in white, aqua blue, and multicolored
• Tapestry needle
• Beater or weaving comb
• Scissors

Finished piece: 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10 centimeters)
Difficulty level: Beginner


1. Warp your loom with a thick cotton yarn. The warping width will be approximately 4-1/2 inches wide. Start weaving about 1 inch (approximately 2 centimeters) from the bottom of the loom. Use a piece of cardboard if you need to help keep your weaving in place while working.

2. Start your first row bypassing the multicolored yarn under and over in a tabby weave. Finish your first row and leave a 3 inch (7-1/2 centimeter) tail on it. On the second row, work in an opposite pattern from the first row. If you went under the last warp thread on the first row, you must now start by going over the first warp thread on the second row.

white and blue yarn being worked on a wooden loom

3. Change to your white yarn and continue this alternate pattern until you have completed seven rows of tabby weave. Don’t pull your yarn too much on the end of the rows, or you will affect the structure of your piece. After each row, push your yarn down with the help of your beater or weaving comb.

a wooden loom with a few rows of blue and white yarn followed by seven…

4. Next, use the aqua blue yarn and weave three rows using the same technique as before. End your yarn in the beginning of the fourth row.

a wooden loom with a rectangle of blue and white yarn

5. Use the multicolored yarn again, and start where you ended the last thread. Weave fourteen rows using that same yarn.

6. Change to the aqua blue yarn and do three rows of tabby weave followed by seven rows of the white yarn. Finish with two rows of the multicolored yarn. You should end up with a symmetrical pattern.

wooden loom with yarn forming a square of patterned blue and white yarn

7. Once you finished your coaster, take it off the loom, cutting your warps on the top and bottom of your loom. Leave the ends long.

person using black scissors to cut lines of yarn connected to a loom and the…

8. Join the strings in pairs of two, making a double knot on each end. In this project, you don’t have to weave in the warp ends on the back of your tapestry; the ends will work as a fringe and become part of the final piece.

person tying loose white yarn strands hanging off the ends of a woven square of…

9. You have made a beautiful coaster to use every day when you drink your coffee or tea.

a white and blue yarn coaster with fringe on the ends sitting on a plain…

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This excerpt is reprinted with permission from Little Loom Weaving by Andreia Gomes, published by Ulysses Press, 2017.

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