How to Make a Kite from Recycled Materials

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Flying kites can be a relaxing, inexpensive hobby.

It’s time for some simple, yet exhilarating, fun. Let’s make and fly a kite! Kite design ranges from small and simple to large and complex. If you’d like to start with some basic designs using recycled materials, you can easily make Mother’s Recycled Kite from a paper grocery bag. You also can make a recycled kite from newspaper.

Even if you don’t use recycled materials, kites can be made of inexpensive materials, such as The Penny Kite, which is made from a single sheet of paper, or A Feather-light Bird Kite, made of a foam ball and several feathers.

Make Your Own Kite! gives instructions for making a basic, traditional kite. You can even follow Ben Franklin’s instructions for constructing his classic kite (used in experiments with lightning and electricity — we recommend a clear day and safe distance from power lines). If you need an easy kite project for a group of children, check out 20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes.

After you’ve mastered the basics, consider different designs. The Guide to Kite Making and Flying gives directions for constructing 19 types of kites, plus it explains the various physical forces that act on kites to make them fly.

Hard-core kite enthusiasts might want to learn more about sport or stunt kites. Two or more strings control these kites for tricks and turns. Some people even use large parachutelike kites to pull buggies — but don’t count on this to replace your carpool!

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