Last Minute Ideas for Easy DIY Halloween Costumes: Everyone Else is Already Going as Sarah Palin

Reader Contribution by Staff

That’s right. It’s too late to get any backordered Sarah Palin glasses. But somehow you’ve done it again — waited to the very last minute to cobble together a decent costume for that party tonight. Well, this awesome resource might help: Costume Idea Zone. They’ve got tons of easy costume concepts, and clearly it’s OK with them if you steal their ideas!

Wanna go dressed as “Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers“? Easy peasy. Just stick cotton balls all over your blue outfit, and carry a spray bottle everywhere you go.

How about “Mucho Dinero,” the guy with printouts of Robert DeNiro all over his clothes?

Not impressed yet? Try a “Running Nose.” Wear a track suit and write ‘No’ all over yourself.

Yeah, yeah, these are costumes for the pun-inclined and laaaaazzzyyyy. But if you’re here right now, I’m betting you’re a lazy costumer. So check out the Costume Idea Zone. And please post your other costume ideas in our comments section below.

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