How to Build a Concrete Ramp

Learn how to build a concrete ramp to make your home more attractive and accessible.

June 2014

Guide to Concrete (Creative Publishing International, 2008) takes readers through some of the most popular home concrete and masonry projects. Endorsed by Quikrete, this book includes tips and expert advice that can help readers save hundreds or thousands of dollars in their DIY home projects. The following excerpt is from "Walkways, Patios and Steps" is a great resource on how to build a concrete ramp.

You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: Guide to Concrete.

Book Cover

a finished ramp
Concrete is a great material for small ramps. It's strong enough to support heavy equipment and can be made with non-slip surface for sure footing in wet weather.

• Form-building tools
• Concrete mixing tools
• Shovel
• Concrete float
• Concrete edger
• Fine-bristled broom or wood concrete float

• Compactible gravel
• 3/4 inch exterior-grade plywood
• 2 x 4 lumber
• Wood screws
• Stakes
• Isolation board (if required)
• Vegetable oil or form release agent
• Concrete mix

A simple concrete ramp can be the perfect solution for moving heavy equipment in and out of a backyard shed or for easing the transition between a walkway and a raised patio, driveway, or stoop. Constructing a ramp is much like building a poured concrete walkway or a small slab: you build a wood form over a compacted gravel base, then place the concrete, and finish the surface so it’s level with the top of the form. To create the slope of the ramp, build the sides of the form with pieces of plywood cut at an angle along the top.