How to Fix an Electrical Plug

Reader Contribution by Troy Griepentrog

Recently, one of our Mother Earth News editors asked if it would be possible to repair an electrical cord on an iron. The plug had torn away from the cord. This is an easy and low-cost repair. So we fixed the iron in our offices and took some photos for you. 

Here are step by step instructions so you can repair that lamp that’s been in your attic waiting for a new electrical plug. 

Step 1: Cut off the end of the cord so that you have a straight, clean end to work with.

Step 2: Split the cord in two about 3/4 inch at the end where you’ll add the new plug.

Step 3: With a wire stripper, remove the insulation from the end of the cord (Photo 1).

Step 4: Thread the ends of the wire through the housing (covering) of the replacement plug.

Step 5: Wrap (clockwise) the ends of the wires around the screws on the prongs of the replacement plug and tighten the screws to snug (Photo 2).

Step 6: Gently push the prongs into the housing and insert the spacer to keep the prongs (and wires) separated. This also keeps the prongs in place (Photo 3).

It’s important that the wires from the two sides of the cord do not touch (not even a single strand of each). That would create a fire hazard and potential for electrical shock.

Now that you’ve repaired the electrical plug, it’s more important than ever to grasp the plug (instead of pulling on the cord) when unplugging from an outlet.